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Certified Sewer Scope Inspectors
In New Brunswick, Canada.

A 'Sewer Scope Inspection' is a thorough visual examination of a home's sewer lines that can provide an invaluable look into one of the most vital systems in the home. A professional Sewer Scope Inspection can provide early discovery of damage, leaks, and blockages in a home's sewer system, which if immediately repaired could save thousands of dollars (and a lot of hassle) later down the road.

Our certified Sewer Scope Inspections include a detailed look into your home's sewer pipes by a trained professional. We will observe the interior of the pipes and help evaluate any potential issues, such as damage, leaks, & obstructions. We can then provide recommendations on how to remedy any issues that are observed. A professional Sewer Scope Inspection can also provide peace of mind that a home's pipes are in functional condition, and are ready to be used.

Just $299 + HST

(Just $199 If Paired With A Home Inspection!)

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Risks of Damaged Sewer Pipes

Health Risks

  • Diseases Caused by Bacteria

  • Fungus/Allergy Risk

  • Encourages Parasites

  • Viruses, Including Hepatitis A

  • Harmful Gases (CO2, Methane, etc)

  • Encourages Toxic Mold Spores

Physical Risks

  • Flood Damage to Main Structure

  • Heaving/Settling of Foundation

  • Deteriorate Structural Components

  • Mold Growth Inside Walls/Floors

  • Frozen Pipes/Hazardous Waste

  • Potential For Sinkholes

"A Professional Sewer Scope Inspection Can Help You Identify Potential Hazards & Risks BEFORE They Become More Serious!"
Potential Risks

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All Our Inspections Meet Or Exceed The Internationally Recognized InterNACHI Standard.

Serving New Brunswick, Canada

Madawaska County
Edmundston NB
Saint-Léonard NB
Sainte-Anne NB
Saint-Léonard NB
Saint-André NB

Victoria County
Grand Falls NB
Perth-Andover NB
Plaster Rock NB

Carleton County
Woodstock NB
Florenceville-Bristol NB
Hartland NB
Centreville NB
Bath NB

York County
Fredericton NB
Hanwell NB
New Maryland NB
Upper Miramichi NB
McAdam NB
Nackawic NB

And ALL Surrounding Areas!

Certified New Brunswick Home Inspections

Serving Edmundston, Saint Leonard, Grand Falls, Perth-Andover, Centreville, Florenceville, Hartland, Woodstock, Nackawic, Mactaquac, Fredericton All Surrounding Areas!

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