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Available Tests

Individual Test
w/ Home Inspection

Microbiology Water Test



(14% OFF!)

Tests for bacteria or other bio contaminants in the property's drinking water such as Coliform and E. coli. Water testing should be completed if water not sourced from municipal water supply. This is the most common type of water tests during a real estate transaction. Tested in accordance with 'Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality'.

Inorganics Water Test



(18% OFF!)

Tests for more than 2 dozen metals, minerals, and other inorganic contaminants in your property's drinking water. This test may be needed depending your properties location or conditions. Tested in accordance with 'Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality'.

Sewer Scope Inspection



(33% OFF!)

Using a specialized sewer scope camera, we will visually inspect the pipeline between the home and the municipal water system or septic tank. We will observe the type of material, conditions, connections, cracks and potential blockages. This can reveal issues that could be costly to repair if left unaddressed.

Can Also Sample & Test (On Request)

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Air Quality
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*Just Ask Your Inspector For More Info!

All samples are collected and couriered to a high quality, independent, certified lab. Reporting times vary depending on the specific test. We are fully certified & insured.

*Travel Expenses may apply, All Prices + HST

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